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No two animations are alike! The execution of an animation, film, or infographic depends heavily on its content.
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That’s why we often recommend a creative session to give the project a flying start. Being creative is not a requirement to take part, together we always find the best, unique format that suits you and your target audience.

Co-creation: creative session

During this co-creation session, aspects such as objectives, target audience, message, tone of voice, and visual look are jointly determined. There are various creative session techniques. We discuss who you want to reach with the animation, and how best to engage them. By putting ourselves in the shoes of your target audience, we achieve the best results.  This guarantees that the animation will precisely align with your desires, which is essential to surpassing your expectations when you see the final outcome. To achieve this it is crucial that we collaborate with our clients from the very first idea. We meticulously prepare everything and everyone’s contribution is valuable, even if you think you are not creative…

Bring your story to life with Miro

Interested in a creative session? We are happy to come over and facilitate a creative session. There are several work forms for creative sessions to generate ideas. Brainstorming with a group of people in one room to come up with as many new ideas as possible often leads to the best ideas. We share these creative ideas via the online collaboration tool Miro. This way, all participants can share thoughts at any time. It is also possible to organize the entire co-creation session digitally. We prefer to sit together around the table, but it can also be done digitally. The Miro environment is like an online whiteboard for effective collaboration. We review your company’s existing identity and extract important elements to visualize creative ideas. The first outlines of the story emerge with the help of mood boards.

Concept, voice-over & storyboard

These creative sessions are not only effective, but also incredibly fun. Together, we gain new insights and creative ideas in an energetic, inspiring atmosphere. They are also highly efficient: in one day, we have a clear picture and can start working on its execution in a concept, in which the message and the first ideas for the visual look & feel are defined.

Next, one of our copywriters begins working on the script. Meanwhile, our designers design the key visual. For animations, the desired characters and environments are also designed now. After approval, we start with the storyboard. This is where the animation or film is worked out in small steps, and – linked to the voice-over – it becomes immediately clear what will happen in the different shots and scenes.

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Creative Director
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From creative session to production

Once the storyboard is finalized (and approved), we start with the production itself. Whether it’s a film, 2D or 3D animation, or a combination of them; now the characters and environments really come to life. Especially when we add sound and potential other effects.

Let’s challenge each other!

If you’re looking for a creative session, you’ve come to the right place. We’re passionate and open to new challenges. Our creative team approaches every project with great enthusiasm. We’re transparent, just like our communication. This way, you’re always precisely aware and know what you can expect from us.

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Curious about creative session examples? Ask all your questions during a no-obligation creative session with our experts! Contact us directly and without any obligation!

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 Frequently Asked Questions
Can I participate in the production of the (animated) film?

Absolutely. We always put our clients first and are keen to actively involve you in the creative process. During our co-creation sessions, we work collaboratively with our clients. This way, we can brainstorm the best ideas and exchange thoughts from the very beginning. This guarantees an even better end result.

But I'm not creative at all! What now?

Firstly, humility is a virtue! But don’t worry, everyone can make a positive contribution during these effective, fun co-creation sessions. All ideas are welcome. A crucial part of these sessions is the brainstorming, where we collectively come up with surprising ideas.

What is the cost of a creative session?

At Bigfish, creative sessions are usually free! Especially at the start of a project. But some clients are so enthusiastic about these sessions that they want to schedule an extra session during the design or production phase. Want to know more about these effective, yet certainly fun sessions? Call 085 – 11 18 877.

Why should I schedule a creative session?

Experience shows that projects that start with a creative co-creation session lead to better end results. This makes sense: the better the alignment upfront, and the more intense your contact with our animator or designer, the more specifically we can cater to your wishes. Creative sessions often also generate ideas that you never thought of beforehand.

How long does a creative session last?

At Bigfish, we usually allocate two to three hours for a creative session. If desired, it can be longer, but often we come up with the first ideas quite quickly. If you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and for whom, that makes a huge difference. But Bigfish Animation also challenges you with critical counter-questions. All to get as close as possible to the core of your question or communication problem.

Have a look at the case page for more details.