Creating a Product Video

In a world constantly screaming for our attention, it's critical to convey your message quickly and as clearly as possible. That's why it's essential to invest in professional product video creation. A high-quality product video effectively communicates your message in a swift and understandable way.
Commissioning a Product Video Production. Computer schreen with video's and graphs.

Looking for a product video? Bigfish produces top-notch product videos that stand out. They’re distinctive not only because of their form – we can create any combination of animation and live-action – but primarily due to the effective way we convey your story, best suited to your target audience. So that your product gets the best possible attention: attention that leads to growth.

Proud of our clients
Potrait photo of Jeroen Buurman, Brand Marketeer at ANWB
Jeroen Buurman
ANWB - Brand Marketeer
 Bigfish is the preferred supplier for ANWB. They're a customer-centric animation agency that operates swiftly, requires minimal instruction, thinks creatively, and seeks solutions even under tight deadlines. They're an excellent partner to work with.
Portrait photo of Oresta Druiven, Branding & Content at ASML
Oresta Druiven
ASML - Branding & Content
Bigfish excels at transforming ASML's intricate processes into comprehensible content using animations, infographics, and illustrations. Embracing a hands-on approach, they delve deep into the subject matter and proficiently articulate our complex processes.
Portrait photo of Merel Martensen, Brand Manager at Eneco.
Merel Martensen
Eneco - Brand Manager
Working with Bigfish is such a pleasure! Quick turnaround times, excellent work quality, and great people to collaborate with.
Potrait photo of Maarten Kleingeld. Brand Coordinator at ProRail
Maarten Kleingeld
Brand Coordinator at ProRail
Working with Bigfish is a pleasure. They respond quickly to inquiries and requests, and have a knack for transforming complex subjects into beautiful, clear animations and (info)graphics.
Portrait photo of Lichelle van der Wiel, Marketing Manager at Rinkel.
Lichelle van der Wiel
Marketing Manager at Rinkel
What makes collaborating with Bigfish so enjoyable is the swift communication, creativity, and flexibility of the entire team. It was no easy task, but we're highly satisfied with the end result!
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Deploying a product video for your message

A product video offers numerous possibilities. A presentation video for a trade fair, subtitled so that it’s understandable without sound? No problem! Need to quickly and efficiently showcase the latest features of a new product on your website? Piece of cake! Want to make an engaging product video as an animation for an even more appealing story? As a market leader in both 2D and 3D animation, Bigfish sees that as more of a rule than an exception. We will create the best suiting product animation for your goals. A premium product promo video that suits the needs of your audience. What do you want the viewer to think, feel, or do after watching? No matter the product, we demonstrate that we can achieve this with a product video.

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Commercial Director
Sander Groenewege
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Managing Director
Jeroen Westenbroek
Portrait photo of Luc, Creative Director at Bigfish
Creative Director
Luc Lutters
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Social media content

Creating a product video has more potential than simply being an extensive film on your website or as a presentation. Product videos are also easily divided into short ‘snippets’, which are easily and effectively shared on social media. This gives you extra opportunities to capture your audience’s attention and potentially generate more interest in your product. Consider sharing a new clip weekly on your social media channels, or use specific scenes from the product video to highlight particular product features or benefits.

Creating a product video with bigfish

Want a video about your product? Established since 2010, Bigfish has grown into a market leader in the video and animation field. One reason for this is our streamlined, transparent approach. After a briefing or creative session, we start with a thorough information analysis for your product video, setting the initial structure of the story to be told. Especially when creating product videos, this phase is of great importance, as the proverbial devil is in the details.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a product video?

A product video is a presentation or promotion of your product or service. This can be done with the help of animation or by filming an actual existing product. Product videos are often used at trade fairs (thus, they can also be played without sound and with subtitles) and during presentations, but they are also very effective on websites and social media.

How can a product video help in selling my product?

A product video not only informs potential customers about your product but can also encourage them to make a purchase by demonstrating its features and benefits. The better the video aligns with the desires of this target group, the more effective the product video is. This is ideally something we discuss during a creative session.

Why create a product video with Bigfish Animation?

Bigfish Animation offers custom-made product videos, effectively presenting your product. Our designers work with you to communicate your message and brand style in the most appealing way possible. A fun challenge for every new project. We don’t like standard. What do we like? Making an impact!

How long does it take to create a product video?

On average, it takes between three and eight weeks, depending on the size of the video and how complex your product is. Our large in-house team of animators, motion graphic designers, and illustrators can work on multiple projects simultaneously. This always makes our planning efficient and guarantees timely delivery.

How much does it cost to create a product video?

Product videos are often less complex, so the costs are lower than for, say, an instructional film or explainer video. However, the length of the product video also determines the cost, as well as the chosen format (2D or 3D Animation, or perhaps even film?). Without knowledge of your specific situation, it’s difficult to quote a price. We offer market-competitive prices but never compromise on our professional quality. We work closely with you to stay within budget.

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