Creating Commercials

The ultimate goal of every commercial is to make an impact! At Bigfish, we understand brands, and we've turned the process of transforming ideas into powerful and effective scripts into an art.
Commissioning the production of a commercial featuring a red YouTube play button on a computer screen, with a pyramid and lightning icon that appears to burst off the screen.

Would you like to create a commercial? We work for big brands and leading companies. Whether it’s creating a TV commercial, a commercial for YouTube, Instagram or any other platform, our commercials garner the right attention from the right audience, which leads to more sales! But as is customary in the film industry: show, don’t tell. So, check out our commercial showreel below.

You’ve probably already seen one of our TV commercials on TV, online, or while scrolling on social media. We create online commercials for every platform. Looking to create a commercial? Our team of commercial creators, including designers and editors, knows exactly what a YouTube video should look like, how to make an Instagram reel best, and how to make the most impact on LinkedIn, for example. Depending on your objective and target audience, we also create commercials specifically tailored for one platform.

Proud of Our Customers
Potrait photo of Jeroen Buurman, Brand Marketeer at ANWB
Jeroen Buurman
ANWB - Brand Marketeer
 Bigfish is the preferred supplier for ANWB. They're a customer-centric animation agency that operates swiftly, requires minimal instruction, thinks creatively, and seeks solutions even under tight deadlines. They're an excellent partner to work with.
Portrait photo of Oresta Druiven, Branding & Content at ASML
Oresta Druiven
ASML - Branding & Content
Bigfish excels at transforming ASML's intricate processes into comprehensible content using animations, infographics, and illustrations. Embracing a hands-on approach, they delve deep into the subject matter and proficiently articulate our complex processes.
Portrait photo of Merel Martensen, Brand Manager at Eneco.
Merel Martensen
Eneco - Brand Manager
Working with Bigfish is such a pleasure! Quick turnaround times, excellent work quality, and great people to collaborate with.
Potrait photo of Maarten Kleingeld. Brand Coordinator at ProRail
Maarten Kleingeld
Brand Coordinator at ProRail
Working with Bigfish is a pleasure. They respond quickly to inquiries and requests, and have a knack for transforming complex subjects into beautiful, clear animations and (info)graphics.
Portrait photo of Lichelle van der Wiel, Marketing Manager at Rinkel.
Lichelle van der Wiel
Marketing Manager at Rinkel
What makes collaborating with Bigfish so enjoyable is the swift communication, creativity, and flexibility of the entire team. It was no easy task, but we're highly satisfied with the end result!
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Portrait photo of Sander Groenewege, Commercial Director at Bigfish, against a green background.
Commercial Director
Sander Groenewege
Portrait photo of Jeroen Westenbroek, Managing Director at Bigfish, against a red background.
Managing Director
Jeroen Westenbroek
Portrait photo of Luc, Creative Director at Bigfish
Creative Director
Luc Lutters
Photo of Youp. Office dog at Bigfish.
Office Dog

Live-Action or Animation?

As a market leader in animation, we create commercials in both 2D and 3D, or any possible mix of the two. However, Bigfish also has a live-action department specializing in film. Every combination of film with animation is possible. But even without animation, sometimes a full live-action film is the most effective. The boundaries between film and animation are blurring more and more. No problem for us, as our departments have been working together for years.

Creative Kickoff

Looking to create a commercial? Everything starts with a good conversation. Perhaps an advertising agency or your company’s communications department has already done perfect groundwork for your product. You already know what you want to achieve with your target audience. The message is also clear. The tone with which you want to address the viewer is determined, and you know which brand elements must be included in your commercial. It is also clear where you want to deploy it. If you have all this ready, then let’s get started with your briefing to create a commercial! We will immediately start working on the script.

However, we often like to start commercial projects with a creative co-creation session. In this session, we brainstorm together about the aforementioned issues. This often results in surprisingly creative ideas.

Professional Production Team At Bigfish, we like to take control, literally. Creating a good commercial requires a whole team of professionals.

Check ‘Bigfish Film‘ for a more in-depth look at our production process. And here, learn everything about how animations are created.

We Generate Value for Your Queries with Digital Content

Costs of Creating a Commercial

But what does it cost to create a commercial? What TV commercial costs should you consider? In fact, this question is similar to “What does a car cost?” At a shoddy repair shop, you might find one for 250 euros, but would you dare to drive it with your family to Spain for a vacation? At Ferrari, you can find the most beautiful cars, but if you want to transport a fridge, such a sports car is not worth the money…

In other words, a commercial costs what it costs. Bigfish creates high-end commercials for the biggest companies. But we are also just as happy to make a commercial for an enthusiastic, serious small to medium-sized business looking for staff. We are happy to help determine a budget that fits within your means. And if we see that these are not sufficient for your initial idea, we always come up with a solution. Perhaps we can reach your target audience just as well with a tight 2D animation

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose Bigfish Animation to create my commercial?

Bigfish Animation has decades of experience in crafting effective commercials that convey your message and story in the most engaging way possible. We collaborate closely with you to help you stand out from your competitors. We understand brands and are eager to assist you in building a strong brand image.

How much does it cost to have a commercial made by Bigfish?

Do you want a short animation for use on TikTok, or a cinema advertisement for an IMAX theater? Yes, there is a vast range between the two, but Bigfish Animation has experience across this entire spectrum. In other words: stating a random price here would imply we offer a standard service, which we do not. Contact us for an initial, no-obligation discussion, or request a creative session with our team directly. We will then provide you with a quote tailored specifically to your unique needs.

Can I use my commercial on multiple platforms?

Bigfish Animation creates commercials suitable for a variety of platforms, such as TV, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media. Yes, you can use a commercial created by Bigfish on multiple platforms. We also create commercials, if desired, that are specifically tailored for one platform. Everything depends on your objectives and where you can most effectively reach your target audience.

How long does it take for Bigfish to create a commercial?

The creation of a commercial normally takes several weeks, depending on the length and complexity of the commercial. During the creation process, we will frequently consult with you to ensure we stay on schedule and deliver the commercial on time.

Can I contribute my own ideas for the commercial?

Absolutely. We strongly encourage it. For this purpose, we organize a creative session to kick off the project. During this session, we discuss all your ideas, but we will certainly also ask critical marketing communication questions. Who is your primary target for your commercial? And what do you want the viewer to think, feel, and/or do after watching it?

Have a look at the case page for more details.