NorthC Datacenters
NorthC - VR Experience

Bigfish has been a proud partner of NorthC Datacenters in the development of their animations and other visuals for many years. With as many as 14 data centers in the Netherlands, it is the largest player in the Netherlands. Besides the Netherlands, NorthC is active in Germany and in Switzerland.

Show case
Woman going on a trip with her dog, who is sitting on the back of her bicycle. She is using the MIK system

MIK creates endless possibilities for your bike. They do this with their universal click system, which allows you to effortlessly switch between bike accessories. This gives users endless freedom to go out and take everything they want with them. Switch from a bike bag to a dog basket or child seat in one click.

Show case
Still of the Rinkel Animation video

An accessible phone system for small businesses, allowing you to easily use a landline number via mobile phone or computer.

Show case
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