Creating 3D Animations

3D animations are skyrocketing! With this rapidly growing form of animation, we model and animate objects and characters in a three-dimensional, virtual environment.
Looking to commission a 3D animation? Bigfish is the expert and market leader in creating high-quality 3D animations.

Looking for a 3D animation? As market leaders, we bring your story to life. Our team of 25+ animators can make objects move as if they were real. Perfect for online content, advertisements, and social media campaigns.

Large team of 3D animation specialists

Bigfish has all the expertise you need under one roof. From copywriters specializing in storytelling, to top-notch illustrators, to our own in-house 3D motion graphics team. Thanks to these skills, Bigfish can produce a wide array of 3D animations. From 3D logo animations and 3D renders, to technical 3D animations. You can choose to have your 3D animation created in a highly realistic style, a more ‘cartoony’ look, or even a 2D look in a 3D animation. 3D animations can also be integrated into films. With the rise of augmented and virtual reality, the potential and applicability of 3D animations are only increasing.

If you want to create a 3D animation that truly grabs attention or want to stand out on social media, schedule a creative session and find out what Bigfish can do for you. Learn more about Bigfish’s creative sessions or book a session right away.

Proud of Our Clients
Portrait photo of Merel Martensen, Brand Manager at Eneco.
Merel Martensen
Eneco - Brand Manager
Working with Bigfish is such a pleasure! Quick turnaround times, excellent work quality, and great people to collaborate with.
Potrait photo of Jeroen Buurman, Brand Marketeer at ANWB
Jeroen Buurman
ANWB - Brand Marketeer
 Bigfish is the preferred supplier for ANWB. They're a customer-centric animation agency that operates swiftly, requires minimal instruction, thinks creatively, and seeks solutions even under tight deadlines. They're an excellent partner to work with.
Potrait photo of Maarten Kleingeld. Brand Coordinator at ProRail
Maarten Kleingeld
Brand Coordinator at ProRail
Working with Bigfish is a pleasure. They respond quickly to inquiries and requests, and have a knack for transforming complex subjects into beautiful, clear animations and (info)graphics.
Portrait photo of Oresta Druiven, Branding & Content at ASML
Oresta Druiven
ASML - Branding & Content
Bigfish excels at transforming ASML's intricate processes into comprehensible content using animations, infographics, and illustrations. Embracing a hands-on approach, they delve deep into the subject matter and proficiently articulate our complex processes.
Portrait photo of Lichelle van der Wiel, Marketing Manager at Rinkel.
Lichelle van der Wiel
Marketing Manager at Rinkel
What makes collaborating with Bigfish so enjoyable is the swift communication, creativity, and flexibility of the entire team. It was no easy task, but we're highly satisfied with the end result!
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Commercial Director
Sander Groenewege
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Managing Director
Jeroen Westenbroek
Portrait photo of Luc, Creative Director at Bigfish
Creative Director
Luc Lutters
Photo of Youp. Office dog at Bigfish.
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Create a 3D animation in Amsterdam and Eindhoven

Looking for a 3D animation company in the Netherlands? Bigfish has offices in both Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Our 3D animation studios are among the best in the country, or so our clients tell us. This isn’t just due to our impressive 3D animations, but also our proven, efficient workflow and competitive 3D animation prices!

3D Storytelling

Storytelling is the best way to deliver your message as powerfully and memorably as possible. With a story, you can emotionally engage your audience and keep their attention more effectively. To create a 3D animation that really makes an impact, emotional involvement is essential. You can choose a more traditional narrative – with a beginning, middle, and end – or opt for a metaphor to explain abstract concepts in a comprehensible way. As a professional agency, we provide a range of suggestions and advice for this.

Implementation of 3D animations

3D animations are often used to explain a complex product or process. You can literally illuminate a subject from all angles, and visually present products, services, or projects in a surprising way. Think of an ‘exploded view’, which takes viewers literally inside your product. When you choose to create a 3D animation, our 3D animators also create the most stunning ‘bites’ or ‘snacks’ for social media – short clips that make a big impact in just a few seconds.

We generate value for your questions with digital content

Creating 3D animations for social media content

Want to create a 3D animation for social media? With short snippets, you can spread your message very efficiently via social media. These are ideal to use as part of a larger marketing campaign. Bigfish also ensures that every 3D animation and film we create aligns perfectly with your corporate identity.

Read more about content for social media here.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is 3D animation?

3D animation is a form of animation where we model and move objects and characters in a three-dimensional, virtual environment. Literally, it’s one dimension more than 2D, offering extra possibilities for visually conveying your story or message in the most appealing way possible.

Why should I choose Bigfish Animation to create my 3D animation?

Bigfish Animation offers expertise and flexibility, ensuring a professional, tailored final product. This is one reason why we have become market leaders in animation. Other reasons? Our large team, allowing us to easily manage multiple projects concurrently. Our experience, given that we’ve been in business for nearly 15 years. And our proven methods, which continually surprise and delight both high-profile brands and SMEs alike.

I have my own 3D models. Can Bigfish use these?

Not only does this save us work, but it also guarantees that all 3D proportions are perfectly reflected in the animation. In consultation with our 3D specialists, we can convert almost any file format into the correct working files so that we can utilize them.

What are the advantages of a 3D animation?

With 3D productions, you have the ability to easily show the animation from different perspectives or rotate 360 degrees around a product. This is impossible with 2D animation. Also, with 3D productions, you can visualize the smallest details in a photorealistic manner.

How long does it take for Bigfish to create a 3D animation?

On average, it takes between three and eight weeks. However, this is determined by the complexity of the subject and your message, as well as the amount of information you want to convey. A 3D animation with realistic characters often takes more time than a 3D animation with graphic elements only. The advantage of a large entity like Bigfish Animation? Our very large team can handle multiple productions simultaneously. A detailed production plan ensures that we know exactly what to expect from each other and when.

What is the cost of a 3D animation at Bigfish?

The cost of a 3D animation naturally depends on the size and complexity of the project. Bigfish Animation offers fair prices, but never compromises on quality and professionalism. We always ensure to stay within your budget.

Have a look at the case page for more details.