Creating an Explainer Animation Video

Need to convey complex information in an understandable and visually appealing way? Opt for an explainer animation. We clearly illustrate how your product or service works, and we make it look really good too.
A hand with a paper airplane traversing a path, passing by stages such as a cube and a pyramid, to visualize the creation of an explainer video.

Do you want to create an explainer animation? Our explainer animations are suitable for both online content and advertising and social media campaigns. As a market leader in both 2D and 3D animation, we can make any topic understandable, for anyone. Check below for some examples.

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Potrait photo of Jeroen Buurman, Brand Marketeer at ANWB
Jeroen Buurman
ANWB - Brand Marketeer
 Bigfish is the preferred supplier for ANWB. They're a customer-centric animation agency that operates swiftly, requires minimal instruction, thinks creatively, and seeks solutions even under tight deadlines. They're an excellent partner to work with.
Portrait photo of Oresta Druiven, Branding & Content at ASML
Oresta Druiven
ASML - Branding & Content
Bigfish excels at transforming ASML's intricate processes into comprehensible content using animations, infographics, and illustrations. Embracing a hands-on approach, they delve deep into the subject matter and proficiently articulate our complex processes.
Portrait photo of Merel Martensen, Brand Manager at Eneco.
Merel Martensen
Eneco - Brand Manager
Working with Bigfish is such a pleasure! Quick turnaround times, excellent work quality, and great people to collaborate with.
Potrait photo of Maarten Kleingeld. Brand Coordinator at ProRail
Maarten Kleingeld
Brand Coordinator at ProRail
Working with Bigfish is a pleasure. They respond quickly to inquiries and requests, and have a knack for transforming complex subjects into beautiful, clear animations and (info)graphics.
Portrait photo of Lichelle van der Wiel, Marketing Manager at Rinkel.
Lichelle van der Wiel
Marketing Manager at Rinkel
What makes collaborating with Bigfish so enjoyable is the swift communication, creativity, and flexibility of the entire team. It was no easy task, but we're highly satisfied with the end result!
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Explainer animations are also called “explanimations”; a combination of “explanation” and “animation”. Does your product, service or organization require minimal explanation? Then creating an explainer animation may not be suitable. But if you want to convey complicated product information, perfectly elaborate the benefits of a complex service or explain an intensive process as clearly as possible, an explainer animation is indispensable. By creating an explainer video, you ensure that your message is effectively communicated to your target audience.

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Commercial Director
Sander Groenewege
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Managing Director
Jeroen Westenbroek
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Creative Director
Luc Lutters
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Office Dog

Anything is possible with an explainer animation

Creating an animation that seamlessly matches your corporate style evokes the desired emotion from the viewer more quickly. The right color use, typography, and chosen animation form strengthen your visual identity. This contributes to the positioning and recognizability of your company. You can even create an entirely new world in animation, where you are completely ‘in control’. Unlike film, explainer animation isn’t limited by actors, the weather, or ‘acting’ colleagues: anything is possible! And in that world, you or your product, service, or organization is – of course – the proverbial ‘king’.

Creating an explainer animation for social media

An explanimation is effective in clearly and step-by-step communicating your message. But what if you also want to use it for social media? Longer animations, like an explainer animation, are not really suitable for this. However, we can easily use fragments from it. So you could highlight one specific part of a complex process, or use only the startup information of a new machine in a LinkedIn or Facebook post…

Together, we determine the most suitable fragments. After a short (post) editing, you can use your explainer video in various ways. So your message is also effectively communicated on your social channels.

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Creating an axplainer animation: the development process

Do you want to create an explainer animation? A high-quality explainer animation video needs to perfectly match all your wishes and goals. That’s why we go through a proven process to arrive at the most satisfying end results.

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