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Yes We Can Clinics is one of the most successful and innovative youth clinics in the Netherlands. Each year, they provide treatment for hundreds of young people aged 13 to 27 with mental health issues. When all else fails, the clinic becomes their last resort.
A hand holding a tablet with a rough sketch of one of the Campfire keyvisuals. The other hand is still drawing with a tablet pen.
The Request

Can you create a human and captivating animation for our new app 'Campfire'?

Yes We Can Clinics is always at the forefront of innovation. They recently launched the 'Campfire' app. After their intensive 7-week program at the clinic, young people also receive ten weeks of aftercare. To maintain communication after this period, 'Campfire' was introduced. It is an app that allows young people and mentors to communicate anonymously in a controlled and safe environment. The app helps in sustaining one's recovery even after treatment.

Deliverables/type of product

Project Brief

The main objective of the animated video is to promote awareness of the app. We want to convey what the app is, what it does, who it’s for, and how it works. At Yes We Can Clinics, unconditional warmth and safety are core values. The animation should reflect this atmosphere. It’s important that the target audience perceives the app as powerful and valuable.

Seeking Inspiration

To gather inspiration, we spent a day at the clinic. We had the privilege of witnessing firsthand what goes on within the walls of Yes We Can Clinics, and the stories and impressions truly touched us. This experience provided us with the framework to develop a strong concept.

The Process.
From Sketch to Illustration.
Storyboard for the
The Process.
From Sketch to Illustration.
Storyboard for the


Throughout the entire animation, we incorporated the characteristics of a campfire (warmth and light). Light symbolizes hope and warmth. The light is also reflected in other elements such as a phone, sunrise, etc. The color palette contributes to this warm feeling.

The end result: A human and captivating animation that makes the app relatable and understandable for young people.

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