An accessible phone system for small businesses, allowing you to easily use a landline number via mobile phone or computer.
The Request

Can you showcase the simplicity and especially the value of Rinkel in an engaging animation, while also addressing potential questions from potential users?

The value is in the simplicity. However, due to this simplicity, potential customers were not exactly... ringing. Time to ring the bell! We assisted in convincing future users and answering any potential questions with animation. Win-win, as we also achieved the secondary objective: reducing the need for support.

Deliverables/type of product

Concept phase

For this top-notch animation, we co-created with Rinkel to determine the animation’s style. During a creative session, we discussed the branding and identity of this new telecommunications company step-by-step. From here, we made an initial translation into a style that suited Rinkel and would also stand out to the target audience. A very fun, highly educational, and especially effective session with the Rinkel team.

With animation, there are multiple options… will it be 2D or 3D? We created various mood boards and presented them to Rinkel. It became clear that 3D animation best suited Rinkel’s vision of the video. More specifically: a minimalist and clear 3D animation, fully in line with Rinkel’s brand guide. This was the starting point for our team, comprised of various graphic designers, 3D specialists, and art directors. Using and discussing these mood boards inspired the team to design a unique key visual; one image in the style of the animation to be created.

The Process.
From Sketch to 3D.
The Process.
From Sketch to 3D.
Wireframe still of a Rinkel 3D animation video shot.
The Process.
From Sketch to 3D.
Still of a Rinkel 3D animation video shot in progress. Not yet the final render.
The Process.
From Sketch to 3D.
Still of a Rinkel 3D animation video shot.

The end result: A 3D animation to savor.

Rinkel Still from the 3D Animation video. There is a platform and a hand holding a smartphone with the Rinkel App.
Portrait photo of Lichelle van der Wiel, Marketing Manager at Rinkel.
Lichelle van der Wiel
Marketing Manager at Rinkel
What makes collaborating with Bigfish so enjoyable is the swift communication, creativity, and flexibility of the entire team. It was no easy task, but we're highly satisfied with the end result!
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Commercial Director
Sander Groenewege
Portrait photo of Jeroen Westenbroek, Managing Director at Bigfish, against a red background.
Managing Director
Jeroen Westenbroek
Portrait photo of Luc, Creative Director at Bigfish
Creative Director
Luc Lutters
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Office Dog

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