MIK creates endless possibilities for your bike. They do this with their universal click system, which allows you to effortlessly switch between bike accessories. This gives users endless freedom to go out and take everything they want with them. Switch from a bike bag to a dog basket or child seat in one click.
The brief

Can you illustrate the convenience of MIK in a unique way?

Deliverables/type of product

We created a compelling brand video that clearly showcases the power and simplicity of the MIK system. The flexibility and freedom that MIK provides for consumers is highlighted in the video. We achieved this by showcasing the versatility of the system in various situations. MIK is for everyone! By combining 2D and 3D techniques, we bring this unique animation to life.

Sketched storyboard of the Mik brandmovie

Explained in One Minute

In addition to the brand video, we also created three explainers, in which we explained the three most important products of MIK. This makes it clear in one minute how you can easily install the MIK system on a bike. To make a clear distinction between the brand video and the explainers, the styles differ. Yet, it is immediately visible that it is the same brand. The styles are complementary and match the branding of MIK.

Finally, we have created illustrations for other communication purposes. Each illustration depicts a situation in which a MIK product can be used. The character set and situations are as diverse as possible to appeal to as many people as possible.


Doop created the branding and Bigfish designed the animation and illustration style that seamlessly fits with it.

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