Esig is an umbrella organization for European manufacturers of hydrocarbon and oxidized solvents. Esig's mission is to promote the safe use of these substances in Europe.
The Request

To make the applications of hydrocarbon and oxidized solvents in various sectors understandable.

There are numerous applications for the products in many sectors. Everyone encounters them on an almost daily basis but doesn't realize it. 'Hydrocarbon and oxidized solvents' don't immediately resonate, hence we created a series of animations to make the products and their applications recognizable and visible.

Deliverables/type of product

A fresh and mature style

We are perfectly capable of working within the parameters and brand guides to uphold and promote brand identity, but we also love it when we have a little more freedom to establish a style. In the case of ESIG, a logo and several color schemes are used in online communication, but we were free to make our translation into illustration and animation. We seized that freedom! We elevated the bright colors from the logo and gradients to a higher level, resulting in a very fresh, warm, but also mature style.

From complex to understandable

In 2021, the European Commission decided to focus on industrial ecosystems; divided into 14 sectors. Together, these sectors represent 90% of the business community in the EU. What does this have to do with Esig and our animations? All these sectors can’t do without the solvents produced by the manufacturers behind ESIG. We divided these sectors into four: Aerospace and Defence, Agri-Food, Health, and Construction. For each of these sectors, we created an animation where we briefly and clearly explain why the solvents are so relevant in the sector. This resulted in a lot of ‘aha moments’. And of course, that was the exact intention!

The Process.
From Sketch to Illustration.
The Process.
From Sketch to Illustration.
The Process.
From Sketch to Illustration.
The Process.
From Sketch to Illustration.
The Process.
From Sketch to Illustration.
The Process.
From Sketch to Illustration.

The end result: An animation series to be proud of.

Still of the ESIG Solvents - Aerospace & defence animation video. Woman relaxing with her seat back on the plane.
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